Break Lunchtime Boredom With Kaiser Roll Creations To Satisfy Any Appetite

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Break Lunchtime Boredom With Kaiser Roll Creations To Satisfy Any Appetite

6 October 2021
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Are you burnt out from eating the same old lunchtime sandwiches every day? Whether you are bringing a bagged lunch to the office or eating at home, lunchtime boredom is a common problem. Fortunately, it does not have to be that way when you invite Kaiser roll creations to your lunchtime table.

Cold deli-style sandwiches

Are you tired of the same old sandwiches made with white bread or wheat bread from the store? Fresh baked Kaiser rolls can help you break free from sandwich boredom. Their crisp outside and inner softness will add a refreshing texture and flavor to your lunchtime sandwiches, and the pinwheel design on top will make even a simple meal feel special.

Top thick slices of roast beef with Swiss cheese and horseradish or Dijon mustard on a Kaiser roll for a tasty lunchtime treat. Stack layers of bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a Kaiser roll for a fun take on the standard BLT. Tuna, egg, or chicken salad topped with fresh lettuce and tomato will be right at home on a Kaiser roll.

Hot sandwiches

Swap your standard hamburger rolls for a Kaiser roll and create your own flavorful burger that will give any fast-food burger a run for its money. The larger size of Kaiser rolls makes them perfect for those with hearty appetites that love a bigger burger.

Top your burger with your favorite relish and toppings and be prepared to bite into a burger that is sure to become your favorite. A Kaiser roll is strong enough to stand up to as many toppings as you want to add.

Personal pizzas

Why spend a fortune on a personal pizza from your local pizza restaurant when you can create your own pizza using a Kaiser roll for the crust? Kaiser roll pizzas are a fun way to get the kids involved in the kitchen on the weekend. They are also easy to tote to work for a weekday lunch.

Spread each side of the Kaiser roll with prepared pizza sauce. Have plenty of toppings on hand for each family member to create their own pizza. Bake or broil the pizzas for a few minutes to melt the cheese and heat up the toppings.

You do not have to eat the same old lunch every day when you have a supply of fresh-baked Kaiser rolls on hand from the local bakery. From delicious sandwiches to mini pizzas, you will have plenty of lunch options to choose from. Kaiser rolls are delicious and versatile, which makes them a perfect solution for lunchtime boredom.

Check out a local bakery to learn more about Kaiser rolls.

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